2013 Newborns

The AWESOME news is that business is going so well and keeping me so busy that I don’t have time to keep my blog updated!

The HORRIBLE news is that business is going so well and keeping me so busy that I don’t have time to keep my blog updated!


Here is a collage of all of the beautiful newborns I had the honor of photographing in 2013…aren’t they sweet?


January/February 2013 Favorites

AaLP_3240 ALP_0213 ALP_0416 ALP_0599 ALP_0704 ALP_0793 ALP_1076 ALP_1180 ALP_1281 ALP_1324 ALP_1492 ALP_1834 ALP_1916 ALP_2207 ALP_2318 ALP_2343 ALP_3098 ALP_3119 ALP_3204 ALP_3327 ALP_3427

November/December Favorites


ALP_0006  ALP_9201 ALP_9880 DSC_1645 DSC_6198 DSC_6456 DSC_6595 DSC_6839 DSC_7030 DSC_7331 DSC_7760 DSC_8529 DSC_8706 DSC_8780

October Favorites


DSC_0005322 DSC_0243 DSC_0440 DSC_0072 DSC_0598 DSC_0775 DSC_0868 DSC_1124 DSC_1645 DSC_2152 DSC_2552 DSC_2650 DSC_2953 DSC_3055 DSC_3298 DSC_3543 DSC_3689 DSC_4094 DSC_4135 DSC_4197 DSC_4400 DSC_4556 DSC_4675 DSC_4793 DSC_5024  DSC_5412 DSC_7637 DSC_9118 DSC_9551 DSC_9786 DSC_9931DSC_0495DSC_1994

September Favorites


 DSC_1336 DSC_3941 DSC_4003aDSC_5524 DSC_4167 DSC_5015 DSC_5303DSC_4593 DSC_5850 DSC_6115 DSC_6479 DSC_6515 DSC_6562 DSC_6782 DSC_7238 DSC_7342 DSC_7637 DSC_7926 DSC_8082 DSC_8249 DSC_8330 DSC_8463 DSC_8613 DSC_8906

August Favorites

8x10 black matte w no quote centeredDSC_0043DSC_0155DSC_0367DSC_0724DSC_0935DSC_1010DSC_1028DSC_1677DSC_1960DSC_30102DSC_1094DSC_3030DSC_3525DSC_3564DSC_3623

July Favorites


June Favorites



Photoshop Friday

I had such an amazing trip to Washington DC this summer!  For this shot, the desired result was the amazing columns inside of the Jefferson Memorial looking out over the Potomac to the Washington monument.  Little did we realize, however, that it is not permitted to shoot from this angle.   As soon as they were in place for the shot, we were politely reprimanded by the Capitol Police and asked to move along.  I had zero time to adjust my settings, exposure, NOTHING…so my SOOC shot was less than stellar.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!  :)  Remember the HUGE wide-angle lens I rented for my trip?  This shot would have been impossible without it!


May Favorites


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